God speaks to us on Facebook – do we listen?

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God speaks to humans every day – according to humans. He seems to be keeping a pretty low profile, appearing in dreams, lonely moments and such. Have you ever wondered why he wouldn’t just write a message onto the surface of the moon or into the clouds or simply seize all radio and tv stations to speak to all of us directly and simultaneously – just like aliens would?

Some of the younger readers right now may go like: Radio? TV? What is that? Well, even though God is all knowing and all powerful, he could not have contacted us via television 2000+ years ago, now could he? According to Christians and Jews he simply set bushes on fire and sent angels. Before that: How did he speak to the other Homos, the heidelbergensis, the erectus, the habilis? Oh wait …

Today, of course, we have questionable blood weeping statues and paintings. I’m sure, God can do better.

God is probably pretty social

So, radio and TV. That’s so 1990s / 2000s. Social media is the new big thing. If God had a YouTube channel, which ads would run on it? If he tweeted, would 140 characters be enough? Was God ever on Friendster or Myspace?

Let’s search for God on Facebook. There actually is an account – and it is verified! Its info checks out as well. The gender entry says neutral – who would have thought? Actually, God receives a lot of hatred on Facebook. He never gets tired of pointing out that wishing for someone to burn in hell eternally is not the most charitable and Christian thing to do.

Future Technology

God would never have a Facebook page! Or would he? Do you rather think he would start setting bushes on fire again? No, he would choose the most appropriate form of communication available at the time. He might appear in virtual reality soon, once he overcomes the VR sickness. A couple of decades from now he will be using the then common brain-computer interfaces. Why would God be stuck in technology and habits from 2000+ years ago?

— YoursTruly

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