Terrorist attacks: Religion is not to blame

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Or is it?

Most terrorist attacks happen in the name of some religion. One might argue that for terrorists religion is just an excuse. I’m not sure, however, if having an excuse for killing people makes it that much easier to do. So the most common consensus is that it is not religion itself … the real problem are the misled extremists who commit such terrible crimes. Religion, almost by definition, can’t be anything other than good.

I say, religion is to blame too. Why? Just because most religious people ignore the majority of all the outrageous stuff in their Scripture or simply soften them as “that was how ancient times were”, does not mean that these parts are not still in the book – the holy book! Which was written, through man, by God himself. It seems that extremists decide not to ignore what their God had to say a couple of hundred years ago and take action accordingly. Killing other human beings for not worshipping the same God would be an example.

Whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat

It seems, just as – “thank God” – most religious people pick out of the holy book what they like, a small minority does so as well. They just pick different fruit. It’s funny: bible fetishists eat shrimp, but hate homosexuals. How can they have a clear conscience eating shrimp?

You might say: religion is more than the holy book alone. But can religion survive without Scripture? Spirituality for sure can. So why not get rid of those books that most religious people ignore anyway? There will still be terrorist attacks. But it might be harder for self-proclaimed religious fighters to kill innocent people, when their motive is nothing more than politics, worldview etc. and not the ultimate truth brought to them be the ultimate creator himself. How can they resist when the ultimate truth tells them to kill a non-believer? How can they be able to say “fuck you God, I’m not going to cut off my neighbors hand because she pulled my dick out while I was fighting with her husband?

Terrorists think they are playing by the rules

When you play sports or games, you do so by certain rules. There might be a practically obsolete rule in the rulebook because of historic reasons and a gentlemen’s agreement not to obey that rule. Not all people are “gentlemen” though. So cut the damn rule already!

Nationalism falls in the same category as religion. As a pure nationalist you do what you are told because you love your country. And if your Führer wants to exterminate a people, you do the job. Or do you? Isn’t it easier to say “my Führer is just a human being like me – he might be wrong: fuck him” than to say “my God is all knowing and all powerful – but this is probably his mistake”? The Führer makes mistakes, God does not.


Separate religion from state completely, that’s the first step.

— YoursTruly

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One Reply to “Terrorist attacks: Religion is not to blame”

  1. You are quite right, many thousands of people have been killed in the name of God. But, they were following not God’s commands, but their own agenda’s all the way back to the bloody crusades. Christianity is the only pro-active religion in the world in that Christ advocates,
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When Jesus Christ came to us He ended blood sacrifices by dying on the cross of Calvary for our sins, once and for all time. His resurrection on the third day gives us assurance of life after death for all who believe in Him.
    The Quran, the muslims “bible” advocates killing all unbelievers (infidels), that’s you and me old son. And sharia law is even worse than medieval
    law. What a sad hateful religion. They try and whitewash (the ‘moderates’) but don’t be fooled, it’s ok for them to lie to further Islam, and cheat, and rape, and murder. Sheesh!
    Finally, I love what Jesus said……”I will never leave you or forsake you” and He hasn’t. Even when I turned my back on Him for years. What a God!!!

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