Incest among Atheists – a serious issue?

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What happens to the world if religion was extinct? What would people do or stop doing? Would incest be increasing?

Posted by: Talib.ul-Ilm

Interesting point. However, I’m pretty sure that 99% of Atheists would never have sex with direct relatives – no matter what any Deity says. Or would religious people screw their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers if some holy book said it would be OK? Probably not either. They would disregard it, just like Christians eat shrimp. That is morality without the need of religion.

Why is incest still not recommended then?

There still is a risk that protection fails which could result in defective reproduction. Also, if other family members found out, it could create major psychological distress. But if two siblings do it on an island after a plane crash as the only survivors using protection for whatever reason shortly before they die of thirst: who cares? And why would a God care? Lawrence Krauss seems to have come to the same conclusion.

I’m taking a wild guess here but the percentage of people who would like to make a move on a direct relative, but resist only due to their beliefs, might not be as high as religious fanatics are telling you.

Incest in the bible

Royal inbreeding was a serious issue, not only in Europe several hundred years ago. As we now know, trying to keep a pure bloodline is pure nonsense. Christian religious speculation says, Adam and Eve were created genetically pure, whatever that shall mean. That is the reason why the incestuous relationship(s) at hand between either Adam and his daughters, Eve and her sons or between the siblings themselves did not produce genetically defective offspring.

So incest was ok? But only in the beginning aka the first 930 years? The book of Leviticus, in all its insanity, has clear rules about incest. It does not explain Adam’s and Eve’s escapades though.

— YoursTruly

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