Atheists’ war on Christmas: How to make Christmas great again!

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Christmas is the ultimate religious celebration for Christians. Jesus, God’s son, was supposed to have been born on December 25th some 2000 years ago. What most believers fail to understand is that before Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, the Persian God Mithra was commonly worshipped. His birthday: December 25th, about 500 years before Jesus Christ. The same goes for the Greek Dionysus and the Egyptian Osiris. What is it about this special date?

Atheists are taking their winter solstice back

Humanity cannot exist without sunlight. It’s no surprise that in many ancient religions, our one and only sun was worshipped. In the northern hemisphere of our beloved planet, between December 21st and December 23rd, days start getting longer again, nights are getting shorter. It’s a turning point so to speak. As people have more time to enjoy their primary source of energy, they celebrate that fact big time! It’s also time to show respect to their creator, who seems to be in control. People want to make sure, God won’t decide otherwise next time around when it’s time for the sun to start a comeback.

Ancient astronomers seemed to be able to detect longer days by December 25th. So, without myths or holy stories, it’s a special time of the year. Before Christianity took over, other religions felt so too. Furthermore atheists like the sun as well – its warmth and life-bringing force. Since whether a decorated tree, nor soft music or the innocent story of Santa Claus technically have anything to do with religion, just let them celebrate “Christmas” the way they like. Atheists might not like being bombarded by nativity scenes or other religions symbols, as they do not like some faith proclaiming the invention of love and peace. Maybe they think there is nothing to celebrate at all. But don’t worry: Baby Jesus won’t cry as he simply does not care.

Do we need religion for love and peace?

Politicians like to drag religion into politics. Ancient people twisted and turned their faith to fit with natural phenomena like winter solstice. Of course their savior was born around December 25th, when else would he be? But just as politics work without faith, natural phenomena and human celebration do so too.

— YoursTruly

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