God speaks to us on Facebook – do we listen?

God speaks to humans every day – according to humans. He seems to be keeping a pretty low profile, appearing in dreams, lonely moments and such. Have you ever wondered why he wouldn’t just write a message onto the surface of the moon or into the clouds or simply seize all radio and tv stations to speak to all of us directly and simultaneously – just like aliens would?

Some of the younger readers right now may go like: Radio? TV? What is that? Well, even though God is all knowing and all powerful, he could not have contacted us via television 2000+ years ago, now could he? According to Christians and Jews he simply set bushes on fire and sent angels. Before that: How did he speak to the other Homos, the heidelbergensis, the erectus, the habilis? Oh wait …

Today, of course, we have questionable blood weeping statues and paintings. I’m sure, God can do better.

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God cannot see anal sex

Virginity is sacred. Mary conceived Jesus while staying a virgin. Whether she had anal sex with the Holy Ghost remains unclear to this day. Muslim men are rewarded with no less than 72 virgins with large breasts in paradise. Jesus himself must have been a virgin until his death since he never married. Of course virginity is also a big deal with teenagers.

Society is cruel: boys try to get laid rather quickly whereas girls are being slutshamed. But since we’re all human and the overwhelming majority of us has sexual urges, it is hard (pun intended) to resist what is going to happen sooner or later anyway. Religions were always good at trying to fight against human nature. The question is: who will win the fight in the end?

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Does your God have a gender?

Remember that God is all knowing and all powerful. There is nothing he/she can’t do. He? She? Does your God have a gender? On Facebook God can choose from more than 50 genders (depending on your location). That’s how actual non-imaginary human beings on this very earth feel and see themselves. And – as you can imagine – many many people cannot declare themselves due to possible harassment or even potential death by law.

Let’s face it: straight man, straight woman. That’s all God thought really had in mind, right? Everything in between is a sinful  aberration. That’s the way he likes it – plain and simple. At least with humans. Anemonefish like Disney Pixar’s beloved Nemo are all male initially just to turn female when socially necessary. Earthworms have both male and female reproductive organs simultaneously. A banana slug is even able to reproduce all by itself. God seems to be incredibly creative when he/she (or whatever) wants to. Continue reading “Does your God have a gender?”

Do we need religion?

Do we as a society need religion? Or let’s say: do we still need it?

The believer may say: of course we do! People would lose moral standards otherwise. Who would provide shelter and food to the sick and homeless if not those who serve the one and only god they believe in? If there was no afterlife in heaven or hell respectively, nobody would give a shit anymore. What about mountains being moved by prayer? What about all the invaluable knowledge and wisdom in the holy books?

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