Killing in the name of …

Let’s face it: most Gods kill people. It’s an easy way to shut up those nasty doubters. Also, it is an effective method to teach and educate:

God: Don’t believe in me? You shalt die!
Man: But God, I don’t wanna die. #gonetoosoon #yolo
God: Then just do as I say! #myway
God: *invents random nonsense about masturbation and shrimp*

What drives us into the arms of a God on a killing spree?

So fear of death drives you in the arms of a God automatically. You might have done something wrong and start begging for forgiveness. Maybe you even might want to make it up by serving your deity. Just do what he does. He likes to kill people who do not believe in him. It’s your time to shine. DO IT! Or don’t. Please don’t. Your God is probably wrong on the issue of killing non-believers and most likely on loads of other stuff also.

Ever thought about this way: He says he’s God, but he really isn’t! You might have designated your life to an imposter. Ah … what the hell … you’ll be more lucky next life, right?

There is always the possibility of being wrong

Science teaches us that theories can be wrong no matter how reasonable they may seem. And even experiments have to be scrutinized and repeated over and over again – just to be sure. The first step to overcome religion should be questioning it. Everyone gets fooled once in a while, maybe you got fooled too. And no, it’s not some invented antagonist like Satan, who – the poor thing – always seems to be the bad guy whenever people aren’t so sure anymore.

What do you think is the result when two guys worshipping two different Gods are told to kill non-believers? They are going to terminate each other. They are both wrong! What about two atheists who both do not believe in all Gods invented by men? Do they kill each other in the name of atheism? They might be wrong. Maybe killing each other is a good thing after all. Or is it?