Religion to be replaced before the second coming of Jesus Christ

Religion serves as an answer to two major questions: Who is responsible for all this and what the heck are we supposed to do down here? Science cannot and will most probably never be able to solve the first mystery. However the question alone shows how human minds work. We define ourselves as persons so the creator must be one to, hence the “Who” right there at the beginning. Non-religious but spiritual people might rather ask “What is responsible?”. Still the query implies some form of conscious energy at the least.

What to do with our lives?

The second mystery is the meaning of life. For some there is none but to survive which includes eventual reproduction. And since they can’t escape – apart from suicide – they just try to make their lives worthwhile: being nice to others helps, as does building a solid foundation for their offspring.

For others of course that’s not enough. They need more detailed instructions like the 10 commandments for example on how to behave. And the purpose? Waiting for Christ to arrive and simply hanging on in there loving thy neighbor? Continue reading “Religion to be replaced before the second coming of Jesus Christ”