Incest among Atheists – a serious issue?

What happens to the world if religion was extinct? What would people do or stop doing? Would incest be increasing?

Posted by: Talib.ul-Ilm

Interesting point. However, I’m pretty sure that 99% of Atheists would never have sex with direct relatives – no matter what any Deity says. Or would religious people screw their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers if some holy book said it would be OK? Probably not either. They would disregard it, just like Christians eat shrimp. That is morality without the need of religion.

Why is incest still not recommended then?

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Does your God have a gender?

Remember that God is all knowing and all powerful. There is nothing he/she can’t do. He? She? Does your God have a gender? On Facebook God can choose from more than 50 genders (depending on your location). That’s how actual non-imaginary human beings on this very earth feel and see themselves. And – as you can imagine – many many people cannot declare themselves due to possible harassment or even potential death by law.

Let’s face it: straight man, straight woman. That’s all God thought really had in mind, right? Everything in between is a sinful  aberration. That’s the way he likes it – plain and simple. At least with humans. Anemonefish like Disney Pixar’s beloved Nemo are all male initially just to turn female when socially necessary. Earthworms have both male and female reproductive organs simultaneously. A banana slug is even able to reproduce all by itself. God seems to be incredibly creative when he/she (or whatever) wants to. Continue reading “Does your God have a gender?”