Terrorist attacks: Religion is not to blame

Or is it?

Most terrorist attacks happen in the name of some religion. One might argue that for terrorists religion is just an excuse. I’m not sure, however, if having an excuse for killing people makes it that much easier to do. So the most common consensus is that it is not religion itself … the real problem are the misled extremists who commit such terrible crimes. Religion, almost by definition, can’t be anything other than good.

I say, religion is to blame too. Why? Just because most religious people ignore the majority of all the outrageous stuff in their Scripture or simply soften them as “that was how ancient times were”, does not mean that these parts are not still in the book – the holy book! Which was written, through man, by God himself. It seems that extremists decide not to ignore what their God had to Continue reading “Terrorist attacks: Religion is not to blame”